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AAIA's Allergy Tip of the Month - April

Getting ahead of your seasonal allergies is important for optimal control of symptoms.

Allergies cause allergic inflammation; delaying treatment until symptoms become an issue, makes treating the allergies difficult. I tell my patients to “get ahead” of their seasonal allergies by beginning their allergy medicines at the start of - or just before - their allergy season. It is easier to prevent symptoms, than to counteract the symptoms of allergies, once they set in.

Spring is in bloom, and if you are experiencing what seems to be the symptoms of seasonal allergies, feel free to contact us at either or Omaha or Lincoln office, to schedule an appointment today.

This Allergy Tip of the Month is courtesy of:

Dr. Brett V. Kettelhut, Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, P.C.

AAIA - April Tip of the Month

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