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Allergies And Asthma And Covid 19 Severity

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Many of our patients have concerns about the consequences of a Covid 19 infection with their allergies or asthma.

While it is not clear that having allergies or asthma is a significant risk of catching Covid 19 or having severe symptoms, there has been a report that in many patients who have had serious illness with covid that there was no association with allergies or asthma. The reason is not clear but there is a suggestion that allergies protect from covid 19’s ability to invade the cells of our body and cause illness. it is too early to make a call on this observation.

Now that this has been said, the best way once again to prevent catching Covid 19 has not changed. First, socially distancing remains important especially in small areas such as restaurants where most will not be

wearing a mask. Next, wearing a mask and asking others to do so when appropriate. Finally, frequent hand washing when in an area with potential exposure to Covid 19.

My best advice for patients is to keep your allergy and asthma well controlled by following the recommendations of your allergist.

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