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Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

Eczema is a skin condition consisting of inflamed dry rough itchy patches of skin. There are different causes of eczema but in many patients this is associated with allergies, i.e. atopic dermatitis. The etiology of atopic dermatitis in some appears to be an abnormality in the skin protein, filaggran. One of the main features is excessive dryness of the skin along with itching and flaking. Treatment typically involves skin hydration and topical creams such as steroids. In severe atopic dermatitis exposure to foods or environmental allergens may trigger and worsen the atopic dermatitis. Allergy skin testing to selected foods and common allergens may identify if allergens need to be avoided. Many patients who have atopic dermatitis may also have allergic rhinitis and asthma. Treatment of allergies may in some improve the atopic dermatitis.

Recently a new injected medicine has become available for severe atopic dermatitis, Dupixent. In severe atopic dermatitis a dermatologist should also be involved with your allergist to achieve the best care.

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