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Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)

EoE is the result of a specific inflammation of the esophagus. The symptoms in adults are typically progressive difficulty swallowing, dysphagia, that may be accompanied with heartburn. In many cases this dysphagia will lead to having food get stuck during eating. In severe cases, emergency treatment my be necessary to remove the food by endoscopy. Subsequently patients are found to have increased numbers of eosinophils in their esophagus with changes noted to their esophagus as well that may include fissuring and strictures. Immediate treatment may require dilation of their esophagus. Unfortunately this is a chronic condition that has limited treatment options. Based on the degree of inflammation, swallowed steroids may be the only effective treatment. In some instances a food allergy may be the cause. If a food allergy is found, improved control by eliminating this food from the diet may be seen. EoE is typically treated by both an allergist and gastroenterologist working together. Studies are currently in progress to evaluate other treatment strategies to eliminate the need for daily swallowed steroids.

If you have EoE, you may be a candidate for a study we are currently conducting in our office. Contact our office for further details.

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